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A showcase on biased Republicans -Democrats and Reporters

Laura Loomer stood up for what most republicans won't. Their values. Yup we are going there. This week is an easy week when it comes...

Trumps Miami speech on Cuba

So if you didn't get a chance to see the speech live. Here is your chance. I love supporting you tubers trying to build...

Mayweather full fights via – Boxing Now – Pre McGregor fight

Boxing now has tossed up what looks like a stream of full Mayweather fights before the McGregor fight. Have a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJetpr0Bfo8

Mad Dog Mattis gets his money, beyotch

Washington gave $21 billion for the 2017 Defense Department budget for recovery from the effects of sequestration spending cuts. Below here are a few excerpts...

Did you know skittles was a white supremacist organization? Ask any SJW

So Time broke into a story that isn't really there but they had to make it up. Since people are the new media, people...

Mike Huckabee on Trump investigation news, you got to love him sometimes


Special Counsel; Decks stacked against President Trump

Most independent, and democrat, and conservatives remember right as Trump was elected twitter exploded. Theories were listed by various reporters of how to get...

Ghost in the Shell review

Here at KillahTech we don't pretend to be master movie connoisseurs. We don't review the movie based on some philosophical belief in design and...

Carter Page Trump advisor during campaign had a FISA

In the first evidence that The Trump Campaign was spied on by the Obama Administration. Evidence has come out that Carter Page the Campaign...

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