A showcase on biased Republicans -Democrats and Reporters

Laura Loomer stood up for what most republicans won't. Their values. Yup we are going there. This week is an easy...

Did you know skittles was a white supremacist organization? Ask any SJW

So Time broke into a story that isn't really there but they had to make it up. Since people are...

Carter Page Trump advisor during campaign had a FISA

In the first evidence that The Trump Campaign was spied on by the Obama Administration. Evidence has come out that...


Special Counsel keeps getting Democrat lawyers Republicans have fired.

So guess who just joined the Special Counsel? You know that New York DA that cried because he got fired? Yeah....his...

Trump Iowa speech crowd chants lock her up.

The crowd chants lock her up and Trump Responds, after that testimony he fully understands that statement

Mike Huckabee on Trump investigation news, you got to love him sometimes


Special Counsel; Decks stacked against President Trump

Most independent, and democrat, and conservatives remember right as Trump was elected twitter exploded. Theories were listed by various reporters...

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