So guess who just joined the Special Counsel?

You know that New York DA that cried because he got fired? Yeah….his team. Yeah. This isn’t a witch hunt though.

So even as the Democrat party in DC collapses under its own progressive collective weight the Special Counsel is expanding with all Democrats and flagrant Hillary supporters.


Some people talk about Civil Wars, while I’m not sure about that. This is clearly looking to become a Witch Hunt of epic proportions where instead of it being about Russia they are going to investigate every thing Trump until they find a crime to impeach him.
It’s looking more and more like DC Swamp can’t respect Americans votes. I never thought I would see the lawyers in DC do whatever they could to make sure Americans can’t govern themselves, but this has become an obvious example of this.
The American people voted for a particular agenda. If the federal government refuses to accept the democratic process and allow this agenda to move forward. Instead hoping for impeachment or 4 years of nothing, till another Democrat is elected the net end result for this country will be disastrous. Once one half of the American people lose complete faith in the American electoral process where will this lead? Especially when and side happens to be a large portion of military veterans who give everything for this country we will have dire problems.
You can’t expect the American people or rather those that actually voted for Trump to respect a Special Counsel that is anything but impartial. This is a full blown disaster waiting to explode. If those in DC can’t see this then I feel sorry for them.

When your scientists and educated people who do great things for this country post tweets like this we clearly have a problem.



Even individuals whom have worked for Comey and Mueller are coming out and questioning the impartiality of this Special Counsel. We are heading for very bad times America.




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