Home News Media Watch- The Reporting on Podesta meeting intel committee. – no coverage.

Media Watch- The Reporting on Podesta meeting intel committee. – no coverage.


Bloomberg has done a decent piece on Podesta meeting with the House Intel committee behind closed doors. Trying their best to seem impartial by showing both the @GOP and @THEMDEMOCRATS perspective on the whole Russian hacking situation.

“The president and the entire administration were dealing with an unprecedented incidence of the weaponization” of Russian cyberactivity, Podesta told reporters after emerging from the hearing room. He said they were dealing with the attacks as best as they could “on behalf of the American people.”

While Bloomberg was covering the story far more in depth then the mainstream guys. CBS gave this a very small amount of coverage merely reporting basically 2 quotes.

“Podesta’s personal email account was hacked during the election and WikiLeaks released batches of his email interactions every day starting last October. The U.S. intelligence community suggested in its Jan. 6 report that Russia was likely behind this effort.”


CBS never offered the alternate view that Russia did not in fact hack Podesta’s emails. Which is slowly becoming the InfoSec worlds consensus on the situation.

@yahoo basically just put out the Bloomberg piece again, not even trying to cover the story.

CNN of course spun the Story to be about Trump as per normal. This time modifying the Russian collusion story to instead become the Trump is the creator of fake news angle. Yet CNN has now a multitude of fake news associated actions being catalogued by twitter users across the internet. 

“Congressional investigators have been prying into the effects of fake news on the election and whether anyone from the Trump campaign helped to guide the targeting of that fake news on social media, congressional sources told CNN earlier this month.”


The Washington Times barely covered it at all.


You can hardly find anything on this story. Which means there is actually a huge story here.

Heres a video of a youtuber who looked pretty good into the media coverage before the interview.





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