Ben Shapiro and the Harvard click are once again displaying, what I hope is, their lack of understanding the center to right politics currently happening. Some would argue this is Shapiro and Co.’s  disdain for the new right movement. Or their willingness to sacrifice a lot of people either to the independent party or back to the left. Others like myself see this as political positioning to become more marketable to the Democrat controlled mainstream media.

One rational explanation is the Harvard crew just don’t get the ‘based‘ movement. They don’t understand or rather they don’t want to understand the way the New Right is willing to fight the political wars on the battlefield their given. Ben instead seeks to label those who are trolling the liberals for the ‘lulz’ as it’s called as snowflakes. He seems to legitimize the argument for the liberals. Suggesting the ‘whiney crybaby protest-y’ behavior is not ok. Not realizing it will merely legitimize the left’s equal behavior. By not showcasing this behavior to their own base of ‘normal‘ voters.

The Harvard crew would of course argue each instance is an individual situation of “Thug Life’ ing the alt-right. In reality they have now went after almost every spotlight of the new-right. Spencer is alt-right, not Posobiec, Ali, Lauren, or Cassandra. The Alt-right diverged into two sects, the new right being the inclusive non racially biased. Yet when you look at the bigger picture they have went after each one. Usually on the grounds that, ‘That’s what liberals do.’ ‘Stop being a snowflake’. Completely failing to see what the new right is. Sure within the movement you have some cash money spotlight riders. But the ones I listed are definitely connoisseurs of the meme. The Harvard click just doesn’t understand memetic warfare. You don’t attack a meme on its ‘ethical‘ merit, you look at the meaning of the meme.

This is where you can see the debate club personality of the Harvard click. Where the constraints of the debate topic create a tunnel vision that stays on point. He seems incapable of understanding the right is currently trolling people into focusing on how their behavior is seen. Forcing the left-wing media to rationalize against the Alinski ‘Rules for radicals’ tactics. You could say it’s the ultimate troll on the Democrats current platform of political violence. Show case how stupid the things the democrats do are, directly to them when they do it. To talk of 4d chess would be to under-sell the art of the meme.


He could just want them out of the republican party. Feeling their presence is a detriment to the party as a whole. Removing the new right would be a massive hit to the republican party. People like Cassandra, Lauren and Jack not only have their own followings they also represent particular populations here. Jack very much represents what’s called the Slav Right. Slavic people’s whom have come to America seeking something greater than the communistic societies they came from.


While ben hasn’t been responsible for his thug life endeavors on college campus’ across the United States. He has taken advantage of the YouTube community that has grown around the debate market.

In the end I truly believe the Harvard crew is just arguing the ethical standard vs  memetic warfare because that’s what will get them on the liberal MSM broadcasts. Ben’s  a business man in the end he has to feed his family. Increasing the Harvard clicks market share in the process. So that could be the right reason. As we can see by this TL here.

Regardless of politics we are all human and this doesn’t need to, and shouldn’t,  happen anymore. Clicky clicky.


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