Laura Loomer stood up for what most republicans won’t. Their values.

Yup we are going there. This week is an easy week when it comes to showing clear bias. Since Laura Loomer went on stage at NY

Never once calling her a peaceful protestor. Where the media jumps on the movements funded by Soros affiliated NGO’s pleading for America to understand their thought process. When the common American who has the heart of a lion decides she’s going to fight the machine on their own terms. She is labeled many things, jailed by the very police she stands up for theologically. She employs the very tactics those that berate trump and law enforcement with. Put on blast by the very men who boycott and protest conservative and American institutions and thought processes. Immediately Hollywood jumps on.


Even the “Republican” pseudo-wanna-be-intellectuals came out to chastise her and anyone that supported her movement. Ben Shapiro is a classic example. So smart yet can’t see the trees within the forest.

Ben doesn’t get it at at all. This isn’t about wrong or right. This is about sight. Being able to see and comprehend the consequences of actions. The left will never see themselves in the mirror until they are forced to. You don’t fight a war that uses bullets with hugs ben. Make no mistake Ben this is a war. In this war there is a place for you and your thought process. Go fight your war Ben and win it. Understand the Laura’s the Kurt’s of the world have to fight their wars. Now whether Shapiro wants to just maintain that he controls the moral high ground or he really is just that “ethical” is questionable at best.

Ingraham does get it though as she displays.

Then you have the think tank wanna-bes.


Frenchie here doesn’t quite realize he doesn’t comprehend what is happening here. His bias isn’t with his party but with his age. He’s stone age and he doesn’t see it. Those days are done David. The sooner you realize it the sooner you will be able to understand what is coming with generation Z. The left has always had the younger generation via the heart-string Alinski maneuvers. Generation Z is different. The war will be fought on equal footing this time. Your moral high ground doesn’t exist to a society that exists mainly online. You are outdated and your thought process is missing the


But us Gen X’ers we get it we saw it happen to bush 1/2 and Reagan we saw mitt Romney destroyed. We’ve seen the real enemy across the ocean. We watched as a nation forgot and instead drove our last pearl harbor into a conspiracy theory. We saw the rise of Obama and learned of the way the war on the homeland would fight. We heard his words as he plainly stated those corporations that didn’t follow will be taxed/fined out of business.

We watched as a nation became not only divided but set against each other. We heard their words as they declared war on the deplorables. As they used the IRS against those with conservative values. Stole the land from the ranchers through fines fee’s and licensing. Regulated the common man out of work and the steel industry into China’s pockets.

The left protested and cried about our Palestine support. They shut down any dissent and arguments with protests courting on violence. They pushed republicans out of the public debate. The right was left with what became a meme war. No civil discourse can be had if your a republican or even an independent. All forms of expression are controlled by the left. Television, news media, movies. Through protests and threats of violence the left has taken over. Ben you have yet to realize the war you are fighting has to be fought on equal grounds. A decade of moral grounds has done nothing but watch as the immoral have won.

Wake up Ben. We lost the war of ideas through threats of violence and boycott and ‘shutting down’.

And soon our tax dollars were funding this:




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