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The Sun goes all in on EU Commison president Junker – invokes Hitler and Nazis.


Jean-Claude Juncker’s dad apparently fought for Hitler during World War Two.

According to The Sun Sources they said in a 2014 article I just saw posted on my twitter feed the Presidents father fought for the Nazis against Russia in 1941.

His friend from the EU claims Henri Grethen said: “The experience of his
father had a big impact. He doesn’t want the story repeated.” That this is suggested in a way to be why Junker doesn’t want the UK to have a larger say. That somehow the UK statehood equates to Nazism?

His father in law apparently volunteered to be a Nazi propaganda chief. Apparently his father in law banned the French language, forcing France citizens to learn and speak german.

“He was also responsible for enforcing a law which stripped Jews of their
rights and professions — the first stage of the Holocaust.”

You can trace this back to The Guardian as well. In the Guardian article it seems to suggest the Nazi story while being true is somehow disgraceful. That it has nothing to do with reality of how Junker is. Yet when you look at Junkers current policies in 2017, you might notice some similarities.

For one he is noted at suggested the English language will no longer be used. Step father syndrome perhaps? Secondly, who was the last man that wanted a United Europe? The biggest difference so far is that Hitler took Europe by force. Where Junker seeks to economically force “nation” states to join and or follow his explicit rules or go bankrupt and pay him billions.

He is currently trying to force Poland and other nations to take economic migrants as “refugees” of face huge Fines, in the billions. As Politico reported in 2016, 250,000 per refugee head not accepted is Junkers fine.

Lets think about that real quick. So Junker is saying do what I say in your own countries or we will bankrupt you.

The Polish ministry basically told Junker to go to hell. The Vicegrad states have stood firm in their decisions to not take any of the refugees due to the security threat. Drawing a very large divide within Europe.

As Junker and Merkel quietly pursue their massive united Europe army, which would be run by a commission not elected by the European people. We are now seeing a massive divide on the European continent.

A very large divide.

One not seen since the days of, guess who?




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