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Mad Dog Mattis gets his money, beyotch


Washington gave $21 billion for the 2017 Defense Department budget for recovery from the effects of sequestration spending cuts.

Below here are a few excerpts from the military press release.


“Your support has put more aircraft in the air, more ships to sea and more troops in the field,” Mattis told the panel. “However, we all recognize it will take a number of years of higher funding delivered on time to restore readiness.”

“Our first priority is continuing to improve warfighter readiness begun in 2017, filling in the holes from trade-offs made during 16 years of war, nine years of continuing resolutions and Budget Control Act caps,” the secretary said

“While we’ve been primarily focused on the threat of violent extremism, our adversaries and our potential adversaries have developed advanced capabilities and operational approaches specifically designed to limit our ability to project power,” the chairman said

Mattis Came Out and said “No Enemy has done more harm to our military then congress.”


“They recognize that our ability project power is the critical capability necessary for us to defend the homeland, advance our interests and meet our alliance commitments,” he told the senators.

“Those are specifically designed to limit our ability to deploy, to employ and to sustain our forces,” Dunford said

“In just a few years, if we don’t change the trajectory, we will lose our qualitative and quantitative competitive advantage, and the consequences will be profound, in my judgment,” Dunford told the senators. “It will adversely affect our nuclear deterrence, our conventional deterrence and our ability to respond should deterrence fail. Alternatively, we can maintain our competitive advantage with sustained, sufficient and predictable funding.”

Read the whole press release on the budget meeting here.



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