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Karen Handle from #GA06 and her neighbors recieve white substancve in mail. Fed’s investigating.


Atlanta News WSB-TV  is reporting that Karen Handle and her neighbors have received a white powdery substance. Handle is the Republican Candidate running against Jon Ossof for the Georgia 6th district congressional race. Of course the left wing media immediately called Osof to verify that he has received threats as well. Which I always laugh at because they do this every time. I don’t see large federal trucks at Osof’s house investigating those threats. Do you? Nah

Anyways, back to the real story. This is one, in the now consistent, attempts at political terror we have seen against the right since Trump was elected. The democrats ‘supporters’ have consistently just gotten more and more volatile and violent the longer this has went on.

This is exactly what happens when the media plays into thie whole republicans are Nazis narrative that went on for almost 3 1/2 months after the election.

Of course Osof had to hire security today to get in on the pity party action and act like he too is under constant terror. Trying to take away the media reporting on the actual investigation into the real act that happened to Handle. And as you see here the media sucks it right up.

No coincidence at all that he did this the same day Handle had the ‘white substance’ mailed to her and all her neighbors. Nah no coincidence at all. Of course Laura as usual is always on it. And goes on Hannity to condemn the fact that democrats instead of condemning the violent rhetoric that everyone from reporters to comedians to politicians have made about republicans this past 7 months they play the me too game.


As usual Laura is spot on with her analysis.


Watch the news report of Karen Handles neighborhood trying to deal with this “White powdery substance” mailed to at least 5 houses in her neighborhood. One person was exposed to it but authorities are reporting she is ok.


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