Ghost in the Shell review

Does Ghost in the Shell meet the Fans of the series expectations? Or does it fall by the wayside of the critics. The series has always been stunning and Scarlet Johansson delivers.

Here at KillahTech we don’t pretend to be master movie connoisseurs. We don’t review the movie based on some philosophical belief in design and projection. We just want to know 1. Is the movie worth watching? 2. Is it good. A lot of reviews around Hollywood seem so grandiose that any movie might be considered a trivial pursuit. We just want to let you know if we think it’s enjoyable and worth your hard earned cash.

Ghost in the Shell where do you even begin. This series has such history and such a following, it’s hard to imagine any movie standing up to its legacy. This one has been marred in controversy since the day the first trailer came out. Some consider it to be an Epic journey on screen while others look at it and say; It’s a hecklers dream that hit the box office with more of a thunder of what it shouldn’t be then what it is. Ghost in the shell has a massive following. Since the initial trailers of the movie its been criticized for just about everything. Including the common SJW ‘whitewashing’ accusations Hollywood gets thrown at it all the time. Does Ghost in the Shell live up to the negative Hype train? How does Scarlet Johansson do in the roll of Major.

Ghost in the Shell has gotten a lot of negative press. Especially for its lead roll with Scarlett Johansson playing Major. Whom is a “Japanese Character” in the manga. While this criticism might seem justified to those who have seen the previous iterations. The character is a machine that actually has no nationality. So while the new version of Ghost in the Shell might host a white person playing the lead. This does not sway from the actual background of the story. Anyways enough of the controversial stuff, lets move to the actual movie.

If you haven’t read the magna I suggest you do. Watch the anime cartoon. Google the series. It’s one of the best to ever hit the scene.

To anyone who has followed the series this movie does a good job at portraying the universe that Major resides in. The special effects are top notch. Close to some of the best we have seen recently. The cinematography really nails the feel of the series. The scope of the futuristic city is a sight top behold. The design and CG is top notch. The movie jumps right into the universe and takes many elements from the series while leaving others out. The important stuff some might say is in there. The concepts of the cybernetics is definitely there. Crazy human hybrid cyborg half breeds and all.


The story jumps right into the world of Major fleshing out the story immediately just like the original anime. Scarlet portrays the role superbly. Never once did I stop and think, “wait she’s white” or any nonsense. In fact she convinced me 5 minutes in she was Major. The city convinced me it was the mid-twenty-first century Japanese city of Niihamaalso known as New Port City. Sometimes the Special task force, which I believe is task force 9 are less convincing in their roles then Major.

The moments when she jumps into the code or memories as some might suggest are delivered perfectly. The atmosphere works well and the movie doesn’t attempt to overwhelm the audience with the crazy details surrounding the events transpiring. Instead it treats the audience as if they are part of the world and understand how many facets of it work. This works well it delivering as a compelling movie definitely worth watching whether your a fan of the series or have never seen it before.

I’m going to see it again and have already pre-ordered the HD version on YouTube.


4 out of 5


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