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Susan Rice walks back on denials of unmasking.


Two weeks ago Susan Rice said she had no knowledge of any unmasking of Trump or people related to his campaign.

“Former U.S. National Security Adviser: I know nothing about this. I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that count today.”

Instead focusing the whole interview after that on discussing Trump and his “lies”. The purpose of the interview was to understand if she, in her role in the previous administration National Security Council, had any part in the unmasking of U.S. persons. During the past month there has been a back an forth between the current administration and the media with regards to the previous administration surveilling of the current president and his transition team. The current “professional” news media outlets pressing every day for evidence of such claims. Instead the mainstream has chosen to demonize whoever might suggest surveillance may have happened. Which is quite the opposite then what you would expect from actual journalists who should be looking for a story. Instead the mainstream has decided they are making their own story. That story is that unmasking and spying on U.S. persons is fine. Visually it seems the once objective mainstream media has chosen a side.

This all came about after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes held a Press conference where he stated he had seen intelligence he found troubling. Which showed unmasking of American citizens and that it was not about Russia.


Now after the Cernovich, then Bloomberg report she had a interview with *NBC and walked back slightly on her previous remarks. Stating that she unmasked unknown americans in reports only to understand the nature of the report.

In the Cernovich report he goes into how Senator Nunes learned the information in which his previous press conference was about. Nunes had not gone into detail outside to say that there was alarming evidence that there was some sort of surveillance going on and it wasn’t related to Russia. After this press conference many democrats and media outlets accused Nunes of favoritism and that he needed to recuse himself from the investigation. Which may have in part lead to the separate leaking of the information in which Rice not less then “12” times requested Trump officials names to be unmasked.

In the Bloomberg report which doesn’t go into to much detail but does explain how the information about Rice came about.

“In February Cohen-Watnick discovered Rice’s multiple requests to unmask U.S. persons in intelligence reports that related to Trump transition activities.”

What is troubling to me is the reaction from many news media firms. Not only defending the actions of the previous administration but justifying it. Remember these are American citizens that have rights. There is a natural progression required by law to breach those rights afforded to Americans.

Jay Caruso at Redstate brings up some interesting points about CNN’s coverage of this story especially. Sciutto’s is one of the CNN “Reporters” reporting on this news. Yet he was previously in the Administration that is now in question. Nowhere does he even disclose this information to the public he is now reporting to. Reporting like this is unwise. As it can invalidate your whole argument or the appearance of bias to a whole organization. In times like these with everything that is considered news being scrutinized to extreme extents.

“For the record, Jim Sciutto worked in the Obama administration. It is a fact not mentioned in Sciutto’s CNN biography, but it certainly should be.”


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